Highway 70 Committee

Highway 70 is the main trunk road into Grantsburg from Minnesota and from eastern Wisconsin. Many of our retail businesses have moved out to the highway for greater exposure to pass through traffic. This provides an excellent opportunity to showcase Grantsburg with signage and general over-all appeal. Some things that we have been working on:

Meeting with WI DOT has been initiated to discuss changes to the highway where it passes through the village.

  • Short-term › Dedicated turn lanes improving safety and access › Service roads and combined access points
  • Mid-term › Beautification, lighting, safety by creating a divider / median near stop lights
  • Long-term › Round-about › Truck access to Industrial Park

Improving the appeal of the sign garden at the western entrance to the village is being undertaken by the local garden club with financial support from the Village, the Lion’s Club, the American Legion and the Rotary Club as well as individual donations.

The Rotary Club has donated an electronic sign for the eastern entry into the village that will be on the school campus but will be utilized to promote village activities and events as well as school activities and events.

More signage on Highway 70 for specific offering of the village are also in process.

If you are interested in learning more about the Highway 70 Committee projects contact Wade Vitalis at wcvitalis@frontiernet.net