Downtown Committee

Demolition of the last remaining major derelict property in downtown Grantsburg on the Wood River has taken place. What will take its place is in question. Exploring possibilities for that large lot has been discussed in a public forum with the Village Board and is an ongoing conversation.

Delelict building

Other Village owned properties throughout Grantsburg are also in discussion as well as re-purposing of old, vacant buildings.






To fire up interest in downtown, a fun project has been initiated involving various groups in the community. Fire hydrant paintings!!

fire hydrants









The goal is to enhance community spirit, create buzz and raise some funds. Sponsors “purchase” a hydrant for $50.   The target is to paint 28 hydrants in 2015 (8 at school). As of spring 2015 22 hydrants “sold.”  Once sufficient hydrants are painted, a map will be created and GRO will sponsor a scavenger hunt to find all the hydrants creating another opportunity to create community spirit, buzz and possibly raise fund.

hydrant1 Hydrant2 Hydrant3 Hydrant4 Hydrant5









Committee members: Kelly Gerber, Cris Peterson

If you wish to volunteer or would like more information on the Downtown Committee contact Kelly at