Branding Committee

Branding is central to all of our efforts. Understanding who we are and what our vision is for Grantsburg helped us know how to put ourselves foreword. Much has been done and we have chosen Start Here as our branding theme. We want people to know that Grantsburg is a great place to start their weekend activities or their summer vacation or the next phase of their lives. Grantsburg is a great place to start a family, to start a business, to start to live one’s dream, to start a fulfilling retirement. Start here on our great hiking trails, start here to kayak down to the Saint Croix River, start here to get great photographs of birds in their natural environment, to bike rugged trails, to hunt, snowmobile, run a race, a triathlon, or just enjoy a quiet time camping next to the burbling Wood River.

We started back in 2014 identifying all the things we love about Grantsburg. From there we created the branding theme Start Here, we identified what is already in place to build on and what we want to add to the mix to really fulfill the promise of Grantsburg as the place to start.

Goals of the Branding Committee:

  • Developed a brand pyramid that led into the logo and tagline development
  • Now working on tactics with the first to be executed being a billboard as you enter Grantsburg.
  • Will be working on a marketing plan as well as spreading the news that we have the logo.  

Grantsburg Logo for Website

This is our Start Here logo!

Members of the Branding Committee: Nicki Peterson, Kelly Gerber, Gordy Lewis, Wade Vitalis, Cris Peterson

If you are interested in learning more about branding Grantsburg as the place to start, contact Nicki at