10 Aug August 10, 2017

Capstone Program Application Submitted!

Pam Davies 0 Uncategorized

I wanted to let everyone know that Todd has submitted our Capstone Program application!! When he inquired to see if there was an area of focus we should apply for this was the reply:

These are great ideas and I think you could actually fit these into one well-rounded capstone project. Every capstone project is required to touch on each of your topics, so it wouldn’t be out of the norm for a student to attack each of these. It would be good to include a copy of your 2014 effort with the application, so the student can get a good idea of the what has been proposed to date.

 The application with supplemental documents was submitted. If you’d like to review the documents, use this link: 2017 Capstone Application.I believe we’ll find out by the end of August so I’ll keep everyone updated as we learn more. Having Todd submit with his stake in the UW-Extension’s Community Vitality + Placemaking Team should really help us! We are so lucky to have his experience and passion for helping Grantsburg thrive! Thanks Todd!