19 Sep September 19, 2016

School Sign Update (the new one on HWY 70!!)

Pam Davies 0 GRO, Highway 70

The new sign is up, working, landscaped, fenced, and done.  A donor plaque will be added in October.  (can’t finalize this until we close up with last two donors) Cary Oachs is going to work with us on moving/installing the existing sign.  It is removed and it survived. Bob is going to convert it to […]

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GRO Minutes from September 16, 2016 In attendance: Joni Burgin, Kelly Gerber, Steve Hoffman, Halle Brunzel, Gordy Lewis, Nate Ehalt, Cris Peterson, Pam Davies, Nicki Peterson. The idea for this meeting was to discuss each subcommittee, breaking them into successes, still in the works, next priorities, identify current sub-committee members and brainstorm others to join the […]

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