Welcome to the Grantsburg Revitalization Operation (GRO) website. GRO is comprised of individuals passionate about the future of Grantsburg, WI.

The organization was formed in the Spring of 2014 as a committee to organize a Design Team Weekend. Members from the committee then rolled over into an implementation committee, GRO.

We strive to find opportunities for growth in Grantsburg. Our focus areas are currently {in no particular order}:
1. Natural Resources
2. Branding
3. Housing
4. Highway 70
5. Downtown

Check out our blog for the most recent news.

Design Team Visit

Community members came together to share their hopes for Grantsburg's future.

April 10-13, 2014

Answers to five questions regarding what people want to see for the future of Grantsburg were posted around the gymnasium. Everyone was given stickers and could put one sticker on their favorite answer.

Uncovering a Vision

The MN Design Team took the community's responses and transformed the top ones into drawings, showing us what we can do in our community.